The Power of Newsletters 101

Newsletter marketing

Did you know email mail marketing is the “King” of the marketing kingdom with a 4400% ROI and $44 back for every $1 spent

Latest Research shows that repeat customers are easier to deal with and more likely to make a purchase so once you have a customer in your database it pays to keep in touch with them.

Regular contact with your clients ensures that you stay at the forefront of their mind and develop a position of trust and authority in your industry. Don’t let your customer forget who you are and leak over to one of your competitors.

Keep in touch with your customers with your very own automated email marketing system today.

How you can turn $44 from every $1 invested

The purpose of a newsletter is to inform and update customers about recent events within your company. Everyone has interesting and beneficial information to share about their products & services and that may be or real value.

By increasing awareness through a customer newsletter, you will reinforce the credibility and keep fresh in your customers’ mind. A newsletter also promotes your company in very subtle ways.  In today’s article, we are going to share strategies to keep your newsletter effective, interesting and engaging with your customers.

Keys to a successful newsletter strategy

Provide good content
This should be obvious really, but it’s surprising the number of newsletters that are sent out that are just a list of adverts. Nobody is interested in adverts, no matter how entertaining they might be. So, make sure that you are providing some useful and interesting content that your subscribers might actually want to read and find value in. And keep the advertising messages on the low.

Add interesting headlines
Your subscribers will receive many newsletters from others so to stand out make sure that your headlines are topical, are of interest or offer an incentive so that your newsletter is read as soon as they see it in their inbox. Otherwise, they probably won’t read it at all. Your newsletter needs to stop them in their tracks! Not just a “read me later”. Give them a reason to open it and read it straight away.

Establish trust 
Keep the information and quality of your newsletters consistent. This way your subscribers will generally know what to expect when they open and read one from you. The goal is to make sure that your subscribers trust what you have to say and treat you as an authority on your subject.

Consider the needs and desires
You are the expert in your business, your subscribers are most probably not. You need to explain everything in simple terms and be careful to explain all the business terms and industry abbreviations you mention in your newsletters. Also, make sure you proofread each newsletter (3 or 4 times over), there is nothing worse than errors. Take the time and do not rush them out the door.

Keep to the point
Make sure that people can get the information they need from your newsletter quickly and easily. There is nothing worse than trying to find gems within a large piece of content. Keep the waffle low and use bold fonts to make the important content really stand out.

Keep your newsletters regular
Keeping a consistent feed of articles and newsletters is key to keeping the engagement levels high. The frequency you determine will change over time as you start to monitor engagement, unsubscribes and customer feedback.

Why use Web Genius's email marketing services?

If you don’t have the time or skills to create compelling newsletters, let us do it for you. When you use Web Genius for your direct email marketing you receive:

Professional quality content – using the information on your NZ small business website we’ll create four newsletters written by a professional copywriter.
Responsive design – newsletters are designed to be read on tablets and cellphones as well as computers.
Relevant information – each newsletter will focus on an aspect of your business with useful information that is relevant at any time of year.
Calls to action – newsletters include calls to action designed to generate email marketing leads and links to your website and a feedback form.
Automated delivery – newsletters are delivered to your client database automatically. Your email marketing campaign goes out every 90 days to each individual member.
Spam free email marketing – all newsletters and data collection are designed to comply with the Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

If you want to send out an additional email newsletter – perhaps with an important company announcement or special offer, you can also have a Special Edition template designed to be sent out in addition to your automated schedule.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective lead generation marketing strategies in your business armory. A well thought out email marketing campaign can help you:
  • build stronger, more profitable relationships
  • build trust by being consistent
  • stay “top of mind” with customers
  • improve customer loyalty
  • stop your customers being poached by competitors
  • increase “word of mouth” referrals
  • Increase repeat business
Keeping in contact with your customers is a sure way to keep your business, your brand, and your products in the minds of your customers throughout the year and with the return on investment of 44$ for every 1$ spent why wouldn’t you.

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