How to get more leads from my website

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Everyone wants more leads from their website, right?

As a business owner having a consistent flow of new customers coming directly from your website should be a key strategy for when things in the economy change. We are currently in a boom and there are indications in the market place that are pointing to harder and leaner times ahead.

We all have heard what comes up must come down and for the past 10 years, it seems like the economy has been through a massive growth phase.

With the latest information on an economy that is slowing driven mainly by a slowing credit cycle and a decline in house sales and house prices in the large centres like Auckland, we all need to start to think about making sure we stay well ahead of the bell curve just in case things start to bottom out.

During a slow down there are many types of businesses, those that are not affected and keep steady volumes, for example, Food tends to stay level but going out to restaurants and spending more on high-end entertainment seems to stop.  Hairdressers are typically recession proof where homeowners investing in new bathrooms, new decks and new upgrades to their homes tend to start to decline. Depending on the slow down rate and effect on personal spending effects the what niches are affected and how soon.

Buildings tend to be isolated as they have long term contracts in place so for them the slowing of an economy may not be felt for 12 months or so, but for others in the market, it might be as soon as 3- to 4 months. Business owners that invest during a slow down tend to keep going and the others that stop investing in marketing to save money slowly grind to a halt.

So as a business owner what should you do today to keep your brand and customer flow in good order?

First of all, do a quick exercise on Google.  In the search box type in a search phrase that you would want to be found for, where did you see yourself? Where you on the first page, 2nd page of even 3rd page. If you were on the first page in Google who was above you and who are running Ads?  The ideal outcome is that you are in the top 6 places on the 1st page in Google. These tend to get all the clicks and in a falling economy will be key to business.

Back to the results you found, type in a number of search phrases (say 5-10) and take note of where you are placed in Google, and also take note of the competitors and the ones that are running with Google Ads. If you are not in this group you will miss out on new opportunities for business.

The second review is with the Ads in Google, what are the competitors saying in these, what do you know about them, who are they, and what do they offer that you don’t? Again this is a areas that you can be targeted for just as little as $10 per day. Next, let’s jump on to your website. What is your website doing to help convince your visitor to engage, call or txt you in terms of working with you.

The quick list to more sales from your website can be found below;

Make it easy to contact you – Make certain your phone number is clear and clickable on mobile and located on every page of your website

Are your mobile friendly? Make sure your website is mobile friendly, with the mobile device making upwards of half of all website traffic having a site that works on all size sizes in a must-have. Check out your own site, open google up on your phone, type in your website name and look at your website through the eyes of a mobile user, is the font-size large enough to be read? are the images easy to swee, can you ring the business from your phone (without the need to copy and paste), can you find and navigate the site without feeling confused?

Where are you? – Can the visitor find where you are located are without having to navigate through a mass of pages and content? Having your address easily found on every page helps the visitor determine if you are a good fit. if they can find where you are located they are out of here!

Speed kills website engagement – Does your website load up fast, studies show that a slow website means a low conversion rate – Again, load up your website and count how long it takes to view your website, any longer than 4 seconds and your business will suffer in terms of new leads.

Don’t hide your contact us forms – Do you have a quick way for your visitors to communicate with you, do your service and product pages have contact forms on them so that your visitor can quicker content you.

And finally, Communicate well, – Does your website communicate well with your visitors in terms of what you offer and why they should do business with you.

Have a look at the home page of your website, does your site communicate clearly the following; Where am I, What can do accomplish here, and why should I engage with you?

If your website is failing in any of these areas look at the websites that we build on Web Genius

Having a website that performs for your business, can be found in Google, and is geared to provide maximum value is key to ensure your success in Good and bad times

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