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Optimising your website is a key strategy for growth and additional revenue. With the digital space now the first place people go to for services and products ensuring your website is designed to be found in Google. Below are a few strategies that have been found to help websites generate new business.

According to Wiki How there are 3 ways to ensure your website is maximised for optimisation.

  • You need to analyse your website
  • Review your competition’s website
  • Research keywords

3 Ways To Optimise Your Website

Analyse and study your website

Your first and most important step for SEO is to analyze your website to determine what changes, if necessary, should be made. This process includes assessing the site navigation, context, and overall cosmetics of the website. Once you’ve determined common issues (e.g., lack of site traffic on a specific page), you can proceed. It is a good practice to develop a task sheet to better proceed with the optimization of the website. Remember that search engines look at domain names, title tags, and header tags to assist them in ranking the website according to relevance. Thus, it is important to maintain consistency in the text with the subject of your site.

Identify the need for some keywords related to your site’s content

These can be popular search terms that lead people to your site, words related to your overall topic, and the topic of a specific page or blog post. If you’re not sure which keywords are popular search terms, there are services online that can help you evaluate keywords, many of them with free trials

Review your competition’s website(s)

By knowing your competition in your industry, you will get a better understanding of exactly needs to be accomplished. It is helpful to find the top 5 to 10 competitors in your industry and find out what strategy they are using, including their chosen keywords and their website site structure.

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