5 Ways to Beat Your Competitors with SEO

Build a SEO strategy by writing blogs

5 Ways to Beat Your Competitors using SEO

As anyone who’s ever struggled to achieve and maintain high search results rankings can attest to, search engine optimisation (SEO) is a constant battle to stay ahead of your competitors. To win that battle you need to improve your own website and monitor your competitors’ SEO activity on a continuing basis.

If you’ve watched rivals usurp your top rankings, you’ll want to consider these five tips:

If you've watched your competitors climb higher in rankings, you'll want to consider the following strategies

Focus on having content created
When it comes to digital marketing, website owners that they should be looking at creating new content. Adding new content to your site makes it more appealing both to the search engines and their indexing rules as well as the people who read your pages. High-value content can also lead to viral sharing, which increases the number of external backlinks pointing at your website and further improves your SEO.

Plan your keyword targeting strategies carefully
As you’re creating this content, you’ll want to pay careful attention to the keywords you’re targeting. Just because you’ve reached the top spot in the Google results for a given keyword doesn’t mean that maintaining this ranking is a valuable use of your time.

Stay abreast of SEO news
SEO is a field that’s constantly changing. If you’re able to jump on a new technique or growing trend before your competitors, you may be able to cement your lead in the natural search results.

Monitor your competitors’ backlink profiles
While it’s important to monitor your own website’s backlink profiles to prevent negative SEO attacks, you should also keep a close eye on any changes in the links your competitors are building.

  • Keep content fresh on your website
  • Monitor your competitors and what they are doing
  • Watch out for changes with SEO in the NEWS
  • Monitor your competitor’s backlinks
  • Plan your strategies with content, keywords, and pages on your website

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