5 Secrets to a better performing website

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Make sure your  website pages have white space

To visitors, your website should come across professional and be user-friendly. It should intentionally and strategically use white space throughout to highlight elements of each page and make the content stand out.

White space around elements on your webpages, provide a real feeling of elegance and enhances your business and improves reading comprehension. As a result of white space, you can cultivate design and showcase beautiful graphics, which your customers will love. If your homepage is cluttered it may cause users to feel overwhelmed and confused and having a simple design encourage your visitors to stay longer as well.

Keep your site clean with a simple navigation

To enhance the user experience of your website make sure your navigation is easy for everyone.

Make sure your products are accessible on all pages and try to keep the navigation intuitive to use for all device types (desktop and mobile)

Website: Entice more visitors with customer reviews or exclusive offers

  • Make sure to apply the 3-second rule to your content as well to enhance your home page clarity, organisation, and conversions
  • Tell them where they are, what they can achieve here and then why they should engage with you
  • If you are selling products it would be a great idea to add a few quality quotes from positive customer reviews as well as one or two special deals, coupon codes or promotions.

Look at your websites speed to increase engagement

For e-commerce websites having slow page times on mobile devices can lead to having a low conversion rate and even experiencing an overall reduction in overall corporate revenues.A recent study by Akamai found 40 percent of online shoppers will leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to show and 52 percent of respondents say quick page loads are important for their loyalty to a website

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Incorporate responsive design

An investment in responsive design not only optimizes how users view your web pages on different devices but now it can increase your search engine traffic. With traffic now coming from mobile devices growing at an amazing rate yr on yr, it is a must have to have a site that responds to the size of the device. We are now seeing 50% of traffic from mobile and in the stats, it is even higher!

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