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An online marketing strategy is no longer something that is nice to have – it has become an essential part of any small and medium-size business’ advertising toolkit. But simply having a website isn’t enough. Your NZ business website needs to be carefully put together in order to maximise its potential for ranking in online searches

Our team of web designers and SEO experts are here to help.

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Understanding Business Needs

I can come and see you to talk about your unique business situation. Talk to you about how I can assist you to harness the incredible power of the internet to find more customers and more repeat business.

Marketing Wellington

Over 15 years of internet marketing strategies and designing small business growth strategies. Offering new lead generating websites, ranking and digital advertising services

Business Analytics & Graph

Analysing businesses is what we are passionate about, digging deep into new strategies based on sound marketing needs analysis ensures we delivery top marketing solutions

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Now promoting our new digital ‘Sales Automated Manager’ (SAM). Sam is designed to generate massive leads using our well-designed sales page + Ad campaign

Higher visitor traffic

Designing key strategies based around search engine placement using SEO, PPC (Google Ads) and Google Maps to help you generate new visitor traffic to your website

Google Analytics

Ensuring your website is set up correctly and reporting on traffic through Google Analytics is key as it allows you to analyse your website traffic flow and lead generation

PPC Marketing

If you want instant leads and to be found on the 1st page in Google today, then using Google Ads is the number one strategy to consider.

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Always Tracking and Analysing Your Business Statistics

Transforming business goals and revenue dreams through our tailored search engine optimization prowess.

  • We love what we do in the world of Digital Marketing
  • Your digital consultant that is able to design your perfect solution
  • All SEO strategies come with reporting and our visibility pledge guarantee


Know from our clients

3 leads in 3 days, I can’t expect more than this Dave. What a fabulous start to the marketing.


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Hi my name is Dave Lemmon a digital marketing specialist, I work with Web genius who is a full-service web marketing company that partners with local business hero's to generate ultra highly qualified leads.

My clients tend to come to me when their website struggles to generate enough leads each month, are frustrated with the position they rank in Google for key business-related services and finally do not see any return on investment from their digital advertising.